[BiturboS4] Fuel economy (was mostly ranting)

MTUGuy at aol.com MTUGuy at aol.com
Thu Oct 17 21:34:34 EDT 2002

My computer reads 22-24 mpg with a mix of about 30% freeway, 50% major
flowing roads, and 20% stop and go rush hour type traffic with poorly timed
lights.  The actual computed mileage is about 20-22 mpg.  The computer seems
to be about 2 mpg optomistic.

Now if only Michigan could get some decent roads.  I don't know how long my
S4 is going to hold together with the beating it gets on these potholed
roads.  I found an extended warranty for 6 years/100,000 miles for $2,288
with a $50 deductible per visit.  Since my warranty is going to expire in 500
miles and I've got a '99 build 2000 S4 with the original turbos, it might be
a good thing to have an extended warranty.

David Chapp

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biturbos4-request at audifans.com writes:

<< What is the deal with the mileage of the S4?  Who says 17 mpg average?
 My computer always reports 20.8 mpg average.  Is this number just
 programmed in there?  It never changes.  I haven't bothered to check it
 "manually".  Gas is so artificially cheap here in the US that we really
 don't even need to care - and most of us don't. >>

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