[BiturboS4] Update: Warranty on S4 battery - Audi Road Svc Gave Me A Jump - Dealer Replaced Battery Under Warranty But........

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there is MORE to this story. The Audi Road service tech told me that S4s are notorious for "battery drain." His suggestion - do not let your car sit for more than a week w/o driving it. Well, I travel for business (software) quite frequently, and my car sits at the airport. Well, I've gotten a jump from Audi Road Svc 3x in the past year. In my opinion, that was TOO much for a 2 yr old car. Anyway, for those still under warranty - your battery is covered!

Oh, for those who are interested - my chipped Porsche 951 (944 Turbo) with 125k mi, that I always reference in my posts, was recently painted and "pimped out" (added a body kit). The S4 is next! Enjoy.

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"Edwards, Dave" <Dave_Edwards at iOra.com> wrote:

>The battery on my wife's car (a Ford Puma) died after about a year. Although
>she did do a lot of short distance daily driving, I thought it was a bit
>early to expire. However the response from the Ford dealer was "it's not
>covered under warranty".
>However I had read the warranty agreement, and saw that I had the right to
>request a failed item to be send off to Ford HQ for analysis to see if the
>failure was either wear and tear or it was premature.
>When I made this request to the dealer, the immediate response was to
>replace the battery under 'goodwill', where I would have to pay for about
>20% of the cost. I decided to take them up on it since the alternative was
>hassle vs the relatively little I would have to pay.
>I'm not sure if this tale helps...
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>jysap at cs.com writes:
>> For the past year my S4 has had the battery die unexpectedly. Audi
>> road ser= vice gives me a jump and the car seems to be fine for a few
>> months. Then I = let it sit for a few days and 'click, click, click' -
>> no juice. My Audi dea= ler claims that my alternator is charging just
>> fine (what else would they s= ay ;) ).  Has anyone else had this
>> problem? I am already expecting the std =
>> response: "the battery is not a warranty item." When I replace the battery
>> on my dime, It will probably a SEARS Die-Hard or equivalent battery. It's
>> een my experience that OEM is not always the best choice for a car because
>> auto makers are always looking at ways to cut costs and it starts with OEM
>> stuff and cascades.
>The battery should be covered by warranty.  The factory battery (hey it kind
>of rhymes) is actually quite good.  Sears Diehard is junk nowadays.  It used
>to be good when it was made by Johnson Controls, by they have switched to
>Exide as the supplier.
>Do you drive your S4 daily?  What seems to kill batteries is if you let it
>discharge completely and charge it up again repeatedly.  Check the
>electrolyte level in each battery cell, add distilled water if necessary.
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