[BiturboS4] mostly ranting

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 18 08:22:31 EDT 2002

>Agree with Ti and Dave's comments, but would go even farther - The US is
>clearly the great evil in the world with regard to environmental
>duplicity.  We permit labeling of clearly dangerous and environmentally
>unsound products with various kinds of "green" designations that are
>just advertising contrivances (lies).  We fully intend to burn up the
>rest of the world's oil reserves before getting into our own and to
>artificially under price gasoline to make this process quicker.

wow, what a bunch of rubbish. per capita, 3rd world countries like Mexico
pour out WAY more pollutants into the air.

Kyoto is/was a joke.

Registered dummy-crat, no doubt.



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