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> MTUGuy at aol.com wrote:
> >My computer reads 22-24 mpg with a mix of about 30% freeway, 50% major
> >flowing roads, and 20% stop and go rush hour type traffic with poorly
> timed
> >lights.  The actual computed mileage is about 20-22 mpg.  The computer
> seems
> >to be about 2 mpg optomistic.
> >
> i get about 17.0-18.0 mpg driving in heavy traffic. i would be interested
> what your average speed is.
> my average speed is around 22miles/h !!

My average speed seems to stay right around 30-35 mph according to the trip
computer.  I think I've only calculated fuel economy under 20 mpg a couple of
times (other than track events) since day 1 almost 3 years ago.  I did run an
entire tank once at 27.5 mpg, but that was driving from Gaylord, Mi to
Baraga, Mi.  Most of the driving was on a 2 lane road with a 55 mph speed

David Chapp

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