[BiturboS4] euro springs for S4's...

Kjos' fastwheels3 at attbi.com
Mon Oct 21 20:06:47 EDT 2002

Why not just use stock springs and NeuSpeed/Bilstein shocks. You will
accomplish nearly the same ride height (.5" drop or a little more vs. .8"
reported drop w/ European factory springs) and get a better handling car at
the same time.

John Kjos

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> hello, I did a search for Audi S4 euro springs and found your post...
> do you know anything about those mistery springs....where can I get them
here in North America (Montreal)
> I have a 2000 S4 and want a MINIMAL DROP and a slightly stiffer ride...I
hear euros are the way to go....
> what r the spcs of these springs?
> what do you know about them...
> can I use them with my stock shocks....(that 's the idea...)
> thanks for your help,
> Fabrice Vilder
> 2000 S4
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