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It's nice to see so well informed people.
"UNEP's North American region (Canada and the United States, respectively
the 2nd and 4th geographically largest countries) covers nearly 14 per cent
of the world's land area. Its human population is approximately 304 million
and is growing at an annual rate of 0.8 percent. These two countries rank
among the wealthiest in the world in per capita income and richness of
natural resources. The vigorous North American economy has brought many
benefits, such as robust employment and increasing welfare and opportunities
for the region's inhabitants.

This high standard of living has also put increasing stresses on regional
environmental quality and has had major impacts across the global
environment. North America has sustained an extensive loss or transformation
of native ecosystems and disproportionately high use of natural resources.
For example, in 1995 the average North American used more than 426 gallons
(approx. 1,642 liters) of fuel compared to about 85 gallons (approx. 330
liters) in Europe. The region is the largest per capita contributor to
greenhouse gases (in 1995, 19.93 tonnes per year versus 7.93 tonnes per year
for Europe and Central Asia), mainly due to high-energy consumption. Thus
North America's impact on the environment stretches well beyond the region
Economic growth, relying on high levels of energy and other resources, has
contributed significantly to many of the region's pollution and waste
problems. North Americans are the largest producers in the world of
municipal solid waste and greenhouse gasses. "
United Nations Environment Programme
  Regional Office of North America

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>Agree with Ti and Dave's comments, but would go even farther - The US is
>clearly the great evil in the world with regard to environmental
>duplicity.  We permit labeling of clearly dangerous and environmentally
>unsound products with various kinds of "green" designations that are
>just advertising contrivances (lies).  We fully intend to burn up the
>rest of the world's oil reserves before getting into our own and to
>artificially under price gasoline to make this process quicker.

wow, what a bunch of rubbish. per capita, 3rd world countries like Mexico
pour out WAY more pollutants into the air.

Kyoto is/was a joke.

Registered dummy-crat, no doubt.



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