[BiturboS4] loose driver's seat

Matt Woodward mattwoodward1 at attbi.com
Tue Oct 22 09:08:10 EDT 2002

I had my seat frame replaced last week.  My seat is solid as a rock now, but
I hear that may not last.  Whatever it is that wears or bends will probably
fail again.

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> Has anyone had any difficulties with their driver's seat loosening?  I
> mean you just feel a little rocking after coming to a complete stop.
> It's just enough motion to be a pain in the a** and it seems to be
> getting slightly worse as time goes by but not enough (apparently) for
> my Audi dealer to notice.
> Anyone had the dealership do something for them or even better, any
> Service Bulletins covering this problem?
> Kevin Bent
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