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Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 22 09:10:43 EDT 2002

--- Ti Kan <ti at amb.org> wrote:
> Walter J Green Jr writes:
> > agreed.
> > i never even look at it.
> Well yes and no.  Keeping an eye on the fuel consumption of your car
> is akin to monitoring the general health of your engine.  Often
> when something is amiss, the first sign is deteriorated fuel economy.
> You may not notice it just from the "feel" of driving, and the
> may not be severe enough to trigger a fault code in the ECU.
> -Ti

Plus, there are things that you can do to alter your economy: properly
inflating your tires, shifting at different points, hitting the gas less etc.
Just because you enjoy the power of a turbo, doesn't mean you have to throw up
your hands in attempts to be, given the car, as efficient as possible.

I found that if I leave a larger space between me and the car in front of my, I
can add an easy 5 mpg to my fuel economy in stop and go traffic since I don't
have to speed up as much (this requires paying more attention to the car in
front of you, and the cars in front of him, and coasting closer/waiting longer
to brake). I was surprised at how much gas I saved, and I wouldn't have known
had I not been monitoring my mpg (long term actual usage, not the one on the
trip computer).

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