[BiturboS4] euro springs for S4's...

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Tue Oct 22 11:59:19 EDT 2002

FWIW, I think the valving on the Neuspeed-tuned Bilsteins is bizarre, and
gives the car an unsettled feel on undulating roads. I spent some time in my
wife's "stock" S4 over the weekend, and it handles better than my car w/the
NeuBilsteins. It's much better damped under all road conditions.

My uneducated guess is that they tried to valve them to "match" their sport
springs, and the resulting setup works poorly w/stock springs (I have no
idea how it works w/stiffer springs).

There's another Bilstein solution: ECS (www.ecstuning.com) tuning sells
Bilstein Sports that are the correct part for the S4. In addition, they will
groove the shock body for you for a small fee to your specs. I have a set on
their way to me as I write this.

Why didn't I just get the NeuBilsteins revalved? 1) I didn't want to deal
w/my car up on bricks in the garage for a week, 2) Assuming I like the
"stock" Bilstein Sport valving, I'm going to have Bilsteins revalve the Neus
& probably slap them on my wife's S4 (or just sell them).


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>Why not just use stock springs and NeuSpeed/Bilstein shocks. You will
>accomplish nearly the same ride height (.5" drop or a little more vs. .8"
>reported drop w/ European factory springs) and get a better handling car at
>the same time.
>John Kjos
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> > hello, I did a search for Audi S4 euro springs and found your post...
> > do you know anything about those mistery springs....where can I get them
>here in North America (Montreal)
> > I have a 2000 S4 and want a MINIMAL DROP and a slightly stiffer ride...I
>hear euros are the way to go....
> > what r the spcs of these springs?
> > what do you know about them...
> > can I use them with my stock shocks....(that 's the idea...)
> > thanks for your help,
> > Fabrice Vilder
> > 2000 S4
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