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daniel chisholm dbc112 at yahoo.com
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The build date is 02/01 new s4 badge...   The ecu matches his stock number
8D0 907 551 M.  Here is a link to the vag-com readings.  From what I can see 3rd gear is when the chip kicks in.


Thanks for all your help,

 "Edwards, Dave" <Dave_Edwards at iOra.com> wrote:It continues to astonish me how people are prepared to put a modified ECU in
their car when they don't know anything about it. Buying one from the chip
tuner is one thing, but getting a used one from someone they don't know?

Anyway, yes there are reasons why the chipped ECU would not work on his car.
The obvious one is that his car needs a different model ECU. The Bosch
system is quite clever, and unless everything is right it will make
adjustments itself and end up the same as stock. Get him to confirm that his
previous ECU was the same model.

N.B. The DVs and Samco TBB don't come into the equation, unless the boost
sensor got affected by the Samco install.



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Recently I sold my Nuespeed ecu/ chip over the audi world site. I received =
a disturbing email with the following information posted below. Does anyo=
ne know why a chip would not work? I had great success with the chip, espe=
cially in 3rd gear. I am being accused of fraud here and wanted some help =
interpreting the email.. Iit is an M type ecu with neuspeed P chip. Thank=
s for anyones help.


I've had the chip in my car for a few weeks now. I haven't noticed a

difference at all. I had already upgraded the bpvs to 710Ns, upgraded the

tbb to a samco, and I did the throttle body alignment after installing the

chip. I've taken many block 115 readings of the car, graphed them, and

posted them on the boards. People say it looks exactly how the STOCK ecu

should look. The ECU is requesting STOCK levels of boost. I'm not throwing

any codes and everything looks like a perfect STOCK car. I opened up the ECU

case and noticed there was no "Neuspeed" sticker on the actual e-prom chip

like it shows on the vendors' websites.
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