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I was only reporting what I've heard. Obviously Audi could change their
plans, but at the moment the A4 coupe is not going to happen. Don't forget
that what BMW can hope to make on the 6-series is nothing compared to what
Audi make on the TT. Audi already make a loss on the entire A4 series, so
why would they do yet another A4 model which could threaten the profits from
the TT?

But as I wrote, Audi could change their plans. Certainly if there's enough
demand in the US for an A4 coupe then it could happen, but really the market
in Europe for that sort of car does not really warrant the investment.


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I think you are forgetting that BMW is ready to announce the new 6-Series
coupe based on the 5-series platform. They've got some hot new engines on
the way for these cars too including some turbo or supercharged models. Audi
will not just let them have that entire market so a entry-level luxury coupe
is more likely. Looks like the Infiniti (260HP sedan and now a 280HP coupe)
are big hits in this same category.

John Kjos (sending in his $.02 worth)

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