[BiturboS4] S8 AVUS Wheels for S4

Jason Washing jwashing at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 24 18:58:15 EDT 2002

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  Has anyone explored the possible use of the 18" rims from the S8 on an S4=
? Any ideas on what the off-set is for this rim and if it would be a good f=
it on an S4 Bi-Turbo? I'd love to get any feedback. Also, I am looking at a=
 set of Falken GRB FK-451 tires size 245-35-18 tires. Any experience with t=
hese? They have a nearly identical RPM (Revolutions per mile) and diameter =
to the 225/45 - 17 Bridgrstone S03 making them the first 245 width 18' tire=
 I have seen that could potentially be used on an S4 without affecting the =
speedo and odometer accuracy. I have an email in to the folks at Falken to =
confirm thier use on an S4 with 18" rims and will report my findings to the=
 list. Any and all responses are welcome and appreciated.

  Check the GRB - FK 451 at www.falkentire.com


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