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We explored this about a year ago. I actually measured the offsets of a S8
wheel. As I recall, there was only 3-5mm of inside clearance with a 225
tire. You would no doubt rub w/ a 245 tire unless you use spacers.

John Kjos

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  Has anyone explored the possible use of the 18" rims from the S8 on an S4?
Any ideas on what the off-set is for this rim and if it would be a good fit
on an S4 Bi-Turbo? I'd love to get any feedback. Also, I am looking at a set
of Falken GRB FK-451 tires size 245-35-18 tires. Any experience with these?
They have a nearly identical RPM (Revolutions per mile) and diameter to the
225/45 - 17 Bridgrstone S03 making them the first 245 width 18' tire I have
seen that could potentially be used on an S4 without affecting the speedo
and odometer accuracy. I have an email in to the folks at Falken to confirm
thier use on an S4 with 18" rims and will report my findings to the list.
Any and all responses are welcome and appreciated.

  Check the GRB - FK 451 at www.falkentire.com


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