[BiturboS4] RE: A4 profits

Witte, Michael michael.witte at spcorp.com
Fri Oct 25 10:18:29 EDT 2002

A4 is very profitable, since it shares soooo many parts from the VW/AUDI
bin....same platform, engine components etc. Not even to mention the limited
cost of product development. To give you an idea how VW/AUDI is operating in
Europe, untill a year ago, there was a 9 month (!!!!) waiting list to get a
GTI/TDI delivered to your dealership.

I don't have the exact figures on hand, but might be able to obtain those
later on next week...

For US car makers, most of their mid-size vehicles (with the exception of
the FOCUS) are loss making. The main profit comes from the gas guzlers
(source NYT: November 2001), such as the Exploder and all other Sport
Assault Vehicles.

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