[BiturboS4] mostly ranting

dano dano at well.com
Fri Oct 25 09:49:53 EDT 2002

CalEPA just recently eliminated the ZEV program because they finally
understood that it is impossible to eliminate pollution, and in fact
creating the electricity at a fixed location and transporting it to
the transfer location created more pollution in the short and long
term than having a more efficient mobile source of energy.

That is to say, the electrical plant creates more pollution in making
the electricity than a low emission engine/motor system in the auto.

It's amazing that CalEPA actually admitted this. They've been told it
for years.

At 11:38 AM -0700 on 10/18/02, Philip Pace wrote:
>  > 1) Where does electricity come from?  (think on this for awhile, and
>  > consider the supposed goal of the electric vehicle vs. internal
>  > --Chip
>Valid point, BUT it is assumed that large plants can make electricity a lot
>more efficiently than individuals. For the same reason you have power lines
>going to your house instead of an internal combustion engine on your roof.
>Plus, they can /ideally/ dispose of waste in a more efficient manner than
>literally dumping it on the roads.

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