[BiturboS4] New Owner-Extended Warranty

Step88 step88 at kc.rr.com
Sat Oct 26 10:30:18 EDT 2002

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I have just joined the biturbos4 group with the pruchase of a 2000 S4.  The=
 expiration date of the factory warranty is fast approaching and I am debat=
ing whether or not an extended warranty or service agreement would be a goo=
d investment.  I have looked into a couple of options: a third party agreem=
ent from someone like warrantybynet, or an agreement from an Audi dealer wh=
ich would basically extend the factory warranty another 4 years.  A 7 year =
third party agreement would run about the same cost as a 4 year extension f=
rom the dealer, about $2500.  The car has only 25k on it and I don't expect=
 to put on much more than 10k a year.  I've hear of some of the problems ex=
perienced with the turbos on 2000's, but don't know if this is primarily fo=
r modified cars or if this also is a problem with stock units.  Or, is the =
reliability of the S4's good enough that I should be OK without a warranty.=
  Most of my driving will be general purpose, but I may have it at one or t=
wo non-competition track events a year.  Any wisdom, opinions, or suggestio=
ns would be greatly appreciated.


Bob Stephenson

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