[BiturboS4] mod feedback

Rich Shiba rich at pdi.com
Mon Oct 28 15:50:51 EST 2002

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002, California Fields wrote:

> I'm cruising along in 3rd gear at about 3k rpm...I abruptly press the
> throttle down from about 10% (cruising) to half way and hold it....the car
> lurches forward with strong force but then the power backs off a bit...
> kind of like there was an initial spike of pressure but then it equilibrates
> to a plateau of power (still accelerating strong but just not AS strong)...

  Sounds like the hesitation people have seen in certain ECU box types.
  can't remember which one tho', M maybe?  I've got an old A box, so i
  haven't experienced that first hand...

> Lastly, when I installed the Milltek 3" cat-back after the chip (which sounds
> great - much quieter than I expected - hardly noticeable when cruising), the
> abrupt power surges seemed to go away (i.e. it seemed a little more linear).
> It almost feels like there is LESS power...but I'm thinking that's because
> it's smoother (I hope).

  I definitely noticed this too - power is much more linear.  I did a
  before/after dyno pull on the 3" single Milltek and there's definitely
  an increase in hp even tho it does feel "mellow".  (this is with an
  MTM chip in an A-box ECU).


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