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I have also experienced some clutch issues.  Durring hard accellaration whe=
n placed into second gear the clutch acts as if it is slipping, I also get =
a "Plastic" smell... 14k...  Fairly easy miles. Any ideas..

 "Edwards, Dave" wrote:Carter,

It may be normal for the cars which are serviced by that dealer, but I can
assure you that Audi did not design the S4 to behave that way.

Possibly your two problems are related - if the clutch is misbehaving then
it could drag the revs down when stopping, if the clutch is not fully
disengaged as you expect. However a clutch system failure at 9K miles?
That's gotta be bad luck.

'02 Silver S4 Avant
All mods except new turbos ;-)

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So, I just bought my (used, 2001, 9k miles) S4 about three weeks ago and I
think I've identitifed a couple of glitches. When I am coming to a stop,
the engine vibrates a little as if it is stalling and then it recovers just
as I come to a stop. It happens at all temps and I notice that the
tachometer falls slightly below the idling rpm during this momentary
vibration. I mentioned it to the dealership when I had it in for 10k
service and they said it was normal - that the fuel injectors were just
falling slightly below normal idle rpms as they "rebounded" back to the idle
levels from when I was driving under load. I thought that was weird because
I've never had that in other cars. Do you guys experience this?

The second thing is a little troubling. As I engage the clutch for 1st gear
from a stop, I feel a sort of slip and bump after the car is moving slightly
and the clutch is about half way out. The problem is much more apparent
when the car is cold. It's almost like the clutch is slipping and then
regrabbing during the middle of the first gear start-off. It doesn't happen
in any other gears. Any ideas?

Thanks, Carter.
Carter Fields - San Francisco
'01 santorin blue
stock (not for long!)
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