[BiturboS4] suspension upgrade

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Thu Sep 5 00:40:13 EDT 2002

IMO, with the stock suspension, the damping is a bigger problem than the
spring rate. In other words, it needs good dampers more than it needs
stiffer springs.

What I'm 1/2 way through installation on is a set of Neuspeed Bilsteins
(that have f&r slotting, so you can lower it a bit). I installed the fronts
last weekend, and it dropped me about 5/8 of an inch & tightened up the
front suspension significantly. The rear shocks won't let me lower quite as
much (~1/2"), but should compliment the fronts nicely. FWIW, right now the
front & rear wheel wells are at exactly the same height (~16.25").

Just based on the performance of the front setup, I recommend this solution
for somone who isn't interested in drastic lowering, or in a punishing ride,
but wants to make a significant step-up in suspension control/performance.
(oh, it's a relatively cheap solution to boot).

'02S4Avant (the bilstein project)
'00S4 (stock)

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>Yes new shocks are a must. I know, I tried them w/ stock shocks and the car
>did not seem correct. It was bouncy and the steering even felt heavier. I
>do not think I'd buy H&R springs again as they are too low for me (1.3"
>drop in front). I raised the front of the car about .5" when I mounted the
>NeuSpeed/Bilsteins (only Bilsteins w/ height adjustability in front). It is
>still a little too low for me. I'd get springs that only lower the car by
>.8". There are several brands including stock European Audi springs that
>will fill the bill here. Of course, if you're not using the car for street
>driving, that's another story. I have no track experience so these comments
>relate to street use only set ups.
>BTW, shocks cost about $500/set plus $239 (you say) for the springs. Labor
>is something like $500 (here at least) so you're not saving a lot compared
>to coilovers. That way you can dial in your preferences and you won't be
>stuck w/ a solution that isn't exactly right like I am for now.
>I'll sell you my H&Rs for $150. Want em?
>John Kjos
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>I was looking at suspension upgrades for the S4 and, basically, don't want
>spend $1,300 on a coilover kit.  Does anyone have any experience with the
>sport springs on the S4 (they're only $239)?  Is a shock upgrade necessary
>when going this route?
>I had H&R sports and Bilstein shock upgrades on my VW GTI and, although the
>handling was great, it was a bit harsh of a ride.  I'm trying to get
>a little less harsh for the S4...but something that will reduce the sag and
>roll upon acceleration.
>Carter Fields - San Francisco
>'01 santorin blue
>stock (not for long!)
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