[BiturboS4] Blown turbos

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Sep 5 03:45:43 EDT 2002

Edwards, Dave writes:
> I notice that you're getting a new 1.8T A4 soon. I drove one recently and
> was disappointed in the engine. Initially I thought it was a diesel!!! I
> then drove a Skoda Octavia (I don't know if you have that in the US - its
> another car from the VAG group, based on the Passat). Apart from the general
> quality and comfort being a lot worse than the Audi (but that's OK at nearly
> half the price!), I thought the engine was far superior to the A4's. I don't
> know how much of the engine is the same, but the Octavia's is 1.8T 5V.

Did you drive a 1.8 non-turbo or 1.8T?  For the US market we only get the
1.8T or 3.0 V6 as the engine choices on the new body A4.  Both are 5-valves
per cylinder.  The 1.8T on the A4 is rated at 170hp and the 3.0 at 220hp.

The A4 1.8T in stock form is not in the same league as the S4, to be
sure.  Nevertheless it's quite good as a general runabout car,
especially for a little 1.8 liter with shiftless transmission.  The
multitronic CVT is a gem, matching the manual gearbox in acceleration.

I know about Skoda.  However the US market does not get Skoda or SEAT

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