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Yes it was a turbo, but no it was not that I was comparing it to an S4. Over
the last few months I have had several rental/courtesy cars and I am always
fair in judging them. My favourite so far was the VW Bora 1.9TDi with the
130bhp engine. The torque really makes that car go.

The A4 1.8T was the first of its kind that I drove, and I was not expecting
it. My S4 was at the dealer for some window trim replacement (my car was
broken into), and they were having difficulties with the rivets so couldn't
finish in a day. So I got the A4 for the night at late notice. Before
getting in I didn't check what the engine was, so when I started it up I
thought it was a diesel, mainly due to the noise. I was then very surprised
that the performance was so bad compared to the Bora. So I was even more
surprised to find that it was actually a gasoline turbo! Basically the
engine was noisy and rough. Maybe there was a problem with it, but I'd be
surprised because it was allocated to the service department!

Overall IMO the new A4 is a backward step for Audi, there's just too much I
don't like. The only thing that they have improved (IMO) is the brakes. I've
not driven any other new A4, but at least the styling on the 3.0 Quattro is
better (but still not as good as our S4). I'll test drive the new S4 when I
get a chance (1Q03 for the UK), but I won't be buying one (too soon for me),
instead I'll be waiting for the new RS4. That is unless any other
manufacturer offers anything suitable (such as BMW doing an M3 Tourer, if
the Jaguar X-type R Wagon is any good, or maybe the MG Rover ZT-T with the
Ford Mustang supercharged engine).


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Edwards, Dave writes:
> I notice that you're getting a new 1.8T A4 soon. I drove one recently
> and was disappointed in the engine. Initially I thought it was a
> diesel!!! I then drove a Skoda Octavia (I don't know if you have that
> in the US - its another car from the VAG group, based on the Passat).
> Apart from the general quality and comfort being a lot worse than the
> Audi (but that's OK at nearly half the price!), I thought the engine
> was far superior to the A4's. I don't know how much of the engine is
> the same, but the Octavia's is 1.8T 5V.

Did you drive a 1.8 non-turbo or 1.8T?  For the US market we only get the
1.8T or 3.0 V6 as the engine choices on the new body A4.  Both are 5-valves
per cylinder.  The 1.8T on the A4 is rated at 170hp and the 3.0 at 220hp.

The A4 1.8T in stock form is not in the same league as the S4, to be sure.
Nevertheless it's quite good as a general runabout car, especially for a
little 1.8 liter with shiftless transmission.  The multitronic CVT is a gem,
matching the manual gearbox in acceleration.

I know about Skoda.  However the US market does not get Skoda or SEAT

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