[BiturboS4] Blown turbos

Edwards, Dave Dave_Edwards at iOra.com
Thu Sep 5 16:01:33 EDT 2002

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I couldn't tell you, having never had a leak (that I know about) and still
being a VAG-COM novice myself. I'd imagine that it would need to be a fairly
serious air leak though in order to be possibly detected by the ECU
following some sort of mismatch between the sensors. That's why I put the
'may' in inverted commas - I could believe that for most leaks there would
be no DTCs.

Maybe rather than checking for DTCs, some sort of monitoring of the data
from the groups would give an indication. However I won't pretend to know
what to look for. That's why I installed an APR bipipe: Prevention rather
than detection :-)

Hey - this list seems to be getting a bit more active again!

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What DTC's would be present from a possible air leak?

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