[BiturboS4] H&R coilover dampers?

S Stiles stiles_s at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 8 00:14:27 EDT 2002

Anybody know who really makes the dampers that the H&R coilover setup uses?

It's great that H&R has a bunch of racing experience. I don't doubt this.
What I do doubt is that there was much track tuning done w/the H&R coilovers
available for the S4, or at least the H&R Streets.

I've ridden in an H&R "street" equipped car, and it felt very similar to my
now "Bilstein'd" S4Avant that's using stock springs. IIRC, the spring rate
increase on the street setup is pretty subtle.


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>H&R has waaaay more racing experience than Stasis (who by the way do not
>manufacture their own equipment, they just resell and revalve other
>stuff). They provided Porsche Cup suspensions and were very active in BTCC
>DTM.  Just becuase you haven't heard much about them in stateside racing
>not make them a "poseur" setup.
>- Just because you're buying "coilovers" doesn't mean they're any good, or
>that they meed your needs. there are good coilovers & bad coilovers. I
>H&R Makes a good spring product, but I don't know about the quality of the
>dampers. Some have said they are Bilsteins, but I haven't seen any proof. I
>don't get the impression that H&R has track tuned their coilover setups, so
>IMO they're as much a poseur choice as anything else. Also note that for
>some the top-most setting on the H&Rs will probably be lower than the want
>to go (no, they don't allow near-stock height).
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