[BiturboS4] Neuspeed Bilsteins installed, quick review

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Sun Sep 8 11:37:02 EDT 2002

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When you guys lower your cars with suspension upgrades, do you bother
adjusting the camber on the wheels at all?  I noticed that when I did the
Bilstein/H&R upgrade on my Mk4 VW GTI a couple of years ago that the tires
wore unevenly (more on the inside part of the wheel than the outside). Isn't
it necessary to readjust the camber to compensate for any changes due to the


P=2ES. Random question: What is the stock diameter x width of the S4 front =
rear brakes in milimeters?
Carter Fields - San Francisco
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>From: "S Stiles"
>To: biturbos4 at audifans.com
>Subject: [BiturboS4] Neuspeed Bilsteins installed, quick review
>Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 23:40:23 -0700
>Just finished installing the rear Bilsteins this afternoon (I've
>running the fronts for a week). Here's a quick review of the setup.
>The Neuspeed Bilsteins are unique in two ways:
>1) both front & rears have 5 slots, allowing for height
>adjustability of
>roughly +/- 1/2 inch from stock.
>2) IIRC they're valved slightly differently. I'm not sure how they
>from standard Bilstein HDs.
>I'm running stock springs.
>The front ride height (floor to fender lip): 26 3/8" (roughly a 5/8"
>Rear: 25 15/16" (roughly a 3/8" drop)
>This mod accomplished my goals, which were: 1) minimizing the big
>gap in front, and 2) improving damping. The stock dampers on my
>floated badly over low-frequency bumps, and also allowed for quite a
>bit of
>dive/squat under decel/accel.
>Glad to say that the ride height is perfect for my needs. I still
>have ample
>ground clearance for skiing this winter, and the car no longer looks
>like a
>The ride control is hugely improved over stock. If anything, I think
>damping is still slightly light in front, but it's a huge
>improvement over
>stock. It is still very compliant over bad pavement, but dive/squat
>initial-roll are all reduced.
>Finally, the install was really pretty simple. The biggest headache
>removing a little pressed-on circular safety clip up in the wheel
>Beyond that, it was super straightforward -- easier than the several
>generations of VWs & Miata/MX5s I've been tinkering with.
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