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Todd Sager todd at awe-tuning.com
Mon Sep 9 13:55:41 EDT 2002

Scott writes:

> My final & most vocal rant on the subject. For now :) Mainly prompted by
> Wally's assertion that going coilovers is the "right" solution for everyone.
> - Just because you're buying "coilovers" doesn't mean they're any good, or
> that they meed your needs. there are good coilovers & bad coilovers. I think
> H&R Makes a good spring product, but I don't know about the quality of the
> dampers. Some have said they are Bilsteins, but I haven't seen any proof.

Yes, they are Bilstein internals.  We are an H&R WD and partake in
informational visits at the H&R factory in Lennestadt, Germany each

> I don't get the impression that H&R has track tuned their coilover setups, so
> IMO they're as much a poseur choice as anything else.

H&R does extensive road and track R/D of all their products.  Bear in
mind, however, that the H&R "street" coilover is a suspension package
tuned primarily for street driving.  That is not to say that it cannot
be used on the track, just that the spring and valve rates as well as
height adjustment are tuned with comfort flexibility as two of the
development goals.

>Also note that for
> some the top-most setting on the H&Rs will probably be lower than the want
> to go (no, they don't allow near-stock height).

They allow ~1" lower than stock, which fits the bill of the majority of
S4 aftermarket enthusiasts.

> - Stasis, from what I know, actually races Audi A4/S4s, and has some
> experience around what it takes to actually make Audis handle. They build
> spring/shock kits all the way up to expensive & super expensive coilover
> setups. My guess is that a stasis "street" spring+shock setup is going to
> result in a superior handling car when compared to H&R "streets" or any
> other number of lower end coilover systems.

Not to take anything away from Stasis, as Paul Lambert definitely cares
about his products, but H&R works at the top levels of motorsports, and
are more than qualified to build a superbly handling suspension.

For a very comprehensive overview of what H&R does with motorsport,
please visit this site and click on the motorsports button:


> - The stock suspension is pretty darn good. Yes, it's soft, but the entire
> package is incredibly competent, especially given the comfort level it
> offers. There's no need to throw everything out if you're after subtle
> improvements.

I highly disagree.  The stock suspension is overly tuned to comfort for
most aftermarket enthusiasts, and allows a tremendous amount of body
roll at the limit.  The H&R street coilovers offer a huge improvement in
all aspects of handling with hardly a sacrifice in comfort.  They ride
nearly identical to stock on the S4.

> Like I said before, IMO, the stock suspension's biggest failing is damping.
> That can be fixed by better dampers :) I think there are a lot of people out
> there throwing money away on coilovers when a simpler/cheaper solution would
> meet their needs.

Actually, I would say that the springs are the problem with the stock
suspension handling issues when pushed hard.  The dampers actually are
relatively stiff, which is why the stock suspension does not ride plush
like a Caddy.  Springs rates cannot control weight transitions, which is
why there is so much body roll.

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