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Mon Sep 9 17:45:45 EDT 2002

 Are they Alcon rotors?


Erv Schweiger <Erv_Schweiger at CoCreate.com> wrote:

>Doug -
>I just had my stock setup upgraded to a set of slotted rotors from Stasis
>Engineering (http://www.stasisengineering.com/products.htm) and Carbotech
>pads.  The rotors are a direct replacement for the stock rotors, with no
>change to the calipers.  Total with parts and labor was around $1000 - the
>majority of that being the cost of the rotors.
>MotoPersona here in the Chicago area did the work for me, and after a bit of
>fiddling everything seems to work well.  Compared to the stock set-up, the
>brakes seem to be much more aggressive.  I haven't put them to the test at a
>track day yet though, so I'm not sure how they'll hold up.  Both Stasis and
>MotoPersona claim that I should be able to do track events without warping.
>Ask again in October after I do the Audi club event at Gingerman...
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>> Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 10:02:37 -0400
>> From: DDowS4 at netscape.net
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>> Subject: [BiturboS4] Aftermarket Rotors
>> Has anyone upgraded their rotors only.
>> From what I've read on BIRA.org the stock S4 rotors are the weak link of
>> r braking sytem. My rotors are definately warped after some track and
>> ross events this summer, and would like to upgrade to a better quality
>> r - just can't spend the $$$ on a full kit and stay married.
>> Who make/supplies a quality upgrade?
>> Doug
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