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Who said anything about re-inventing the wheel?  The last dyno chip
shoot out left out one major fairly popular player in the chip tuning
field.  The only direct comparison I can make from that shoot out would
be the MTM and AMS chip.  How can you accurately do any real comparison
when the Giac chip was not tested on the same day with the same car and
the same dyno?  I'm not sure cause I can't seem to find the UPRD dyno
run on the Giac X chip.  The last time I heard of the UPRD dyno run with
the Giac chip was in 2000, I can only assume that it is the old Giac
software and the not X chip.  Besides comparing two different cars on
two different dyno's is fairly useless, imo.  I don't want to even go
into detail on the APR tiptronic chip on a manual car.  Especially when
they are told by APR that the tiptronic chip has a milder power deliver.
So what than about APR's latest 93 octane progam?  Please correct me if
I'm wrong with any of these conclusions.  What is important is the
before and after results.
My reason into putting together a chip shoot out for the Chicago area as
a car tuner and enthusiast is to have a lot of fun with fellow S4 owners
to discuss and compare chips.  Hopefully I will be able to furnish
better comparable data for those chips.


Tuan Nguyen

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Why are u re-inventing the wheel? A chip shoot-out for the S4 has
already been done and posted on Audi World's Website. I am enclosing the
text of that shoot-out in this msg for thos who are interested. As a
result of this shoot-out, I will probably purchase a GIAC chip (plus the
GIAC Tip Chip too).

For those who are interested - here is the text from the Audi World S4
chip shoot-out.

Chip War #1

Stock Chip (4 runs)

APR Tiptronic Chip (2 runs)

AMS Chip (2 runs)

MTM Chip (2 runs)

GIAC Chip (did not arrive yet)

The Stock chip

As you can imagine, the stock chip performed flawlessly.  We ran this
chip 4 times to establish a solid baseline figure.  Because the stock
chip was so consistent we are not going to report every run. The
measured boost levels were extremely steady in comparison to the
aftermarket chips, which can be reflected in the smoothness of the dyno.

Max Boost       Boost at 6500        Intake Temperature  Coolant
Temperature   Measured HP    DTC's
.64 bar   .52 bar   123.8 degrees Fahrenheit  194 degrees Fahrenheit

The APR chip
Following the stock chip was the APR chip.  The APR chip used during
this run was intended for a tiptronic S4.  According to APR, the
tiptronic chips are more mild than their standard manual S4 chip.
Because this chip was for the tiptronic transmission, it also set off a
couple of DTC’s.

Run #1

Max Boost       Boost at 6500        Intake Temperature  Coolant
Temperature   Measured HP    DTC's
1.10 bar  .91 bar  129.2 degrees Fahrenheit  203 degrees Fahrenheit  315

Run #2

Max Boost       Boost at 6500        Intake Temperature  Coolant
Temperature   Measured HP    DTC's
1.14 bar 1.1 bar  123 degrees Fahrenheit  201 degrees Fahrenheit  308
Data bus powertrain-missing msg from trans controller.
Cruise control switch in correct signal sporadic

The AMS chip
As a point of clarification, many of the S4 owners were under the
impression that ABT and AMS were one in the same- the AMS chip is not an
ABT chip, however AMS is the North America Distributor for ABT, which is
probably the cause of confusion.  Marc Kalajian, owner of AMS, is also
the chip programmer.

Run #1

Max Boost      Boost at 6500       Intake Temperature Coolant
Temperature  Measured HP   DTC's
1.23 bar 1.01 bar 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit 194 degrees Fahrenheit 324

Run #2

Max Boost      Boost at 6500       Intake Temperature Coolant
Temperature  Measured HP   DTC's
1.20 1.09 127.4 degrees Fahrenheit 203 degrees Fahrenheit 318

The MTM chip

The MTM chip is designed and tested in Germany, which is distributed by
Joe Hoppen/ Hoppen Motorsports in Florida.  Apparently, to get a
perfected chip from Germany, they had to send many a version back and
forth to get the right combination.

Run #1

Max Boost                    1.42 bar
Boost at 6500                .910 bar
Intake Temperature    125.3 degrees Fahrenheit
Coolant Temperature 202.4 degrees Fahrenheit
Measured HP                325

Run #2

Max Boost      Boost at 6500       Intake Temperature Coolant
Temperature  Measured HP   DTC's
1.41 bar 1.00 bar 125.9 degrees Fahrenheit 205.8 degrees Fahrenheit 327


What we noticed:

1)       MTM- huge mid-range and peak hp.

2)       AMS- this chip had one of the smoother curves offering solid
mid- to upper mid power coming in 2nd for peak hp.

3)       APR- good lower mid-range, a little soft in the upper mid RPM’s
but not quite as peaky as the other chips.  In all fairness, keep in
mind that this was a tip-tronic chip.

4)       Stock- very smooth and predictable.  This chip showed us that
heat soak was not much of an issue.

5)      This is the re-test for the GIAC chip was performed at UPRD in
Huntington Beach,CA.  As you can clearly see it is on par with the MTM
chip which was again tested during this session both at the beginning
and end of the session.

Overall Conclusion

After running two different cars and the same chips, we definitely found
some consistency in performance levels and smoothness of the curves.
Most of the chips performed at the claimed levels and then some- which
in many cases is a tuning first.

Of the four chips represented here, we found that MTM or GIAC, AMS, and
APR (in that order) would be our chip preference.

We applaud all of the chip tuners for their fine efforts and hope the
fierce competition between tuners results in better products for us the

About The Testing

Surely by the time you read and chat about this article, someone will
have suggested a better method or way of testing and or even try to
discard the result of our test. We do not proclaim our testing methods
as being the holy grail of measurements however we feel that we have
significantly cut down the variables, which would have potentially
changed the testing results.  It would have been nice to drag this test
out over a week and mix up the variables, however at a rate of $250 per
hour on the dyno and a limited budget this is as good as its going to
get. The results presented here are the REAL WORLD results in a tidy
package for you the reader to study and help determine on which chip is
the best for you.  Bottom line is these tests are not only accurate but

So the results are official and we have two words for you- CHIP IT!

Additional Information

UPRD (714) 842-3338

Joe Hoppen Motorsport 941-924-6380

Advanced Motorsport Solutions 949-515-1672

GIAC www.giacusa.com

Audi Performance Racing 1-800-680-7921

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>It would be in your best interest to wait for the chip shoot out.
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>I'm curious to see what chips you guys are running.  Let's take a
>I'm running stock but leaning towards an APR, with GIAC in second
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