[BiturboS4] DIY earl change, w/ Mobil 1 0w40! w00t!

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 11 15:55:54 EDT 2002

Just did another DIY oil change last weekend. Found the glorious Mobil 1
0w40 at AutoZone. Thanks to the list members that tipped me off about
AutoZone. What a great place!

Anyway, the engine and turbos purr nicely with this 0w40. One weird thing
though. Did the oil change, put in 6 full quarts, then cracked a 7th quart
to add the .3 to the mix (the proper fill with oil filter change is 6.3
quarts), for a total of roughly 6.3 quarts.

Checked the oil the next morning and it was at the VERY BOTTOM of the fill
mark, i.e., at the bottom hash mark. I know I=92m real anal about my DIY
stuff, so I was confused. Went back and counted the remaining M1 0w40
bottles ( I bought 12), and there were 6 on the shelf, one opened with .7
quart in it.

Car always level and resting for 2 hours before I check it (always). So, I
was and am confused. Added the rest of that opened 7th quart.

Checked it again this morning and it=92s right at the top of the fill line.
Strange. Anyway think of a plausible explanation?

'01 S4
Smoove runnin' Imola Rocket

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