[BiturboS4] DIY earl change, w/ Mobil 1 0w40! w00t!

David Pramanik dap128 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 11 16:38:31 EDT 2002

There was a TSB out a while ago from Audi with a revised oil quantity.  The
change amount with a new filter is 6.9 qts.  I've seen the same when doing
my oil changes... takes the full 7 quarts to get to the full mark.

-Dave Pramanik

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Subject: [BiturboS4] DIY earl change, w/ Mobil 1 0w40! w00t!

Just did another DIY oil change last weekend. Found the glorious Mobil 1
0w40 at AutoZone. Thanks to the list members that tipped me off about
AutoZone. What a great place!

Anyway, the engine and turbos purr nicely with this 0w40. One weird thing
though. Did the oil change, put in 6 full quarts, then cracked a 7th quart
to add the .3 to the mix (the proper fill with oil filter change is 6.3
quarts), for a total of roughly 6.3 quarts.

Checked the oil the next morning and it was at the VERY BOTTOM of the fill
mark, i.e., at the bottom hash mark. I know I'm real anal about my DIY
stuff, so I was confused. Went back and counted the remaining M1 0w40
bottles ( I bought 12), and there were 6 on the shelf, one opened with .7
quart in it.

Car always level and resting for 2 hours before I check it (always). So, I
was and am confused. Added the rest of that opened 7th quart.

Checked it again this morning and it's right at the top of the fill line.
Strange. Anyway think of a plausible explanation?

'01 S4
Smoove runnin' Imola Rocket

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