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S4 Avants are somewhat rare. I'll copy the production numbers below from
an earlier post so you see what I mean:

Cal. yr.     Model yr.      sedan         avant            totals
1999          2000          1037            0               1037

2000          2000-1        5647           25               5672
(note: Avant - 2001 model yr. only)

2001          2000-2        4770         1228               5998
Totals                     11454         1253              12707

But keep looking; there out there. I found a red avant about a year ago
and love it. Never seen another like it.


On Wednesday, September 11, 2002, at 08:48 PM, dano wrote:

> Hello to the list,
> I'm new here, and new to Audi. In fact I don't have an Audi yet, but
> on recommendation of an acquaintance who is an Audi fan and
> knowledgeable enthusiast and driver (R & T), I'm looking seriously at
> the S4 2.7T Avant instead of a '95-'97 Porsche 993. Will probably
> have the car modified somewhat by Hoppen if I get it.
> I'm not quite ready to purchase yet, and am still watching the market
> (used vs. new, 2003?, etc.).
> Haven't found much in the way of used S4Avants anywhere, but at least
> found the s-cars site.
> Just wanted to introduce myself to the list; won't have much to
> comment (nothing, in fact) for awhile.
> Dan O'Donnell
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