[BiturboS4] S4 Theft Protection

Aurangzeb M. Agha aagha at bigfoot.com
Wed Sep 11 14:23:00 EDT 2002

I'm stuck in a pickel where I'm in Greece on business, but according to
Greek law, no insurance company here can insure a car (for theft) with
foreign license plates.  I'm looking for alternatives if anyone has s a
solution, please let me know.

The thing I'm worried about is the level of theft protection built into my
2001 S4.  It has an alarm and a key (is it laser cut?).  What other
solutions are there that make it harder to steal?

I've been looking at things like the 'disklok', but do they work?  What
are your thoughts?

The Disklok site is at: http://www.disklokuk.co.uk/

PS -- I know that if anyone REALLY wants to steal my cr, they'll be able
to.  Hoist it up onto a flat-bed, etc...

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