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Tuan Nguyen tuan at grdperformance.com
Thu Sep 12 12:22:45 EDT 2002

Dave, most people aren't fortunate as you to have a local tuner map a
new chip for their car.  That's really the best route to go.


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Just my 2-cents here...

I'm always hearing bad things about MTM (and a lesser extent Abt). I
know how much is true (but I do know that some of it is true), but I do
sick of the opinion "German tuner, close links to Audi, must be good

If I lived in Germany I might consider MTM if my car was tuned at an MTM
workshop. No, I use a local experienced tuner who developed their own
program. That way I know I'm getting the best for my car (the program is
tuned for it individually) and if anything goes wrong, I'm taking
to the design engineer, not the distributor.

Why do GIAC and MTM get rated so highly? Because they lay on the
and get great peak dyno figures and give the 'shove in the back'
acceleration feeling that people love.

Most tuners limit the peak boost of the K03 to 1.2 bar and bring it back
down to 1.0. This is based on sound engineering judgement. Some tuners
higher boost (including APR in Europe with their S3/TT program), and
based on sheer commercial judgement.

Make your choice, but live with the consequences.


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Website - I attached the text in this msg

...The MTM chip is designed and tested in Germany, which is distributed
Joe=  Hoppen/ Hoppen Motorsports in Florida.  Apparently, to get a
chi= p from Germany, they had to send many a version back and forth to
the r= ight combination...

...Of the four chips represented here, we found that MTM or GIAC, AMS,
APR=  (in that order) would be our chip preference...


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>Wow, some of those boost #'s look scary...  I'll wait for Tuan's

yeah, hear ya.

before I left that turd that is AudiWorld, there was some discussion of
more 'moderate' chip, something that peaked at 1.1 or something. less
for those that are worried about turbos over-spinning.

kinda like a GIAC-lite. great taste, but less filling.  ;)

'01 S4
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