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Thu Sep 12 20:13:35 EDT 2002

The B5 model S4 models are all built out.  What you find is what's left in
the pipeline.

Our local Audi Club chapter (Audi Badger Chapter) meets monthly at
International Autos, the only Audi dealer currently in the greater Milwaukee
area.  A couple months ago I showed up early and talked to the salesman who
sold me my S4.  I asked about how many S4's were left in the states.  We went
into his office and he went on the Audi intranet to do a search.  There were
less than a 100 left with all but about 4 being tiptronics.  By now, they're
probably all that's left.

There won't be a 2003 S4 in this country, in fact I understand all 2002's
were essentially 2001's that the factory built to empty the assembly lines.
The B5 S4 disappeared from Audi's German website before the end of 2001.

The new B6 S4's, per various rumors, may show up at one of the late fall
European auto shows, and then start to be sold there as a 2003 model.  We're
probably looking at late 2003 or early 2004 for a 2004 model S4 to be sold


'91 CQ
'01 S4

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