[BiturboS4] Rattling heat shield - who had it ? who've paid the repair ?

David goodson at menta.net
Fri Sep 13 20:34:53 EDT 2002

Our old friend the Rattling Heat Shield strikes back!
I was hearing a strange noise these days, took the car to my Audi workshop,
and the winner is... Exhaust Heat Shield!
The guy from the workshop had a very sad face when he told me : "that's a 16
hours job. We would have to remove the engine".
I remember some messages about this, and I think some guys manage to have
Audi pay for it, since it's a common manufacturing defect of the S4.
The workshop guy told me that he would be very surprised to see Audi Spain
paying for this repair. But I'm prepared to fight !
That's why I need your testimonies, guys.
Who had this problem ?
How did you solve it ?
who paid for it ?
Excuse me for my bad English, the better goes my Spanish, the worse goes my
English (I'm French actually).
David - S4 Avant ABT - Barcelona - Spain.

BTW, I'm working on the first Spanish Audi S & RS forum on internet... I'll
let you know.

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