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dano dano at well.com
Fri Sep 13 10:48:01 EDT 2002

I'll see if I can find out anything from my Audi contact. Will report
back if good news.

At 5:26 PM +0100 on 9/13/02, Edwards, Dave wrote:
>The latest news I have (from a German dealer), is that the new S4 won't ship
>in Germany until "sometime" during the first 6 months of 2003. This sounds
>like a delay to me - there's been no announcement from Audi about the S4
>being at any car shows.
>All rumours still point to it having a normally aspirated V8. These rumours
>are now tending to indicate that it will output just over 300 bhp.
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>Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 19:13:35 EDT
>Subject: Re: [BiturboS4] new list reader
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>The B5 model S4 models are all built out.  What you find is what's left in
>the pipeline.
>Our local Audi Club chapter (Audi Badger Chapter) meets monthly at
>International Autos, the only Audi dealer currently in the greater Milwaukee
>area.  A couple months ago I showed up early and talked to the salesman who
>sold me my S4.  I asked about how many S4's were left in the states.  We
>went into his office and he went on the Audi intranet to do a search.  There
>were less than a 100 left with all but about 4 being tiptronics.  By now,
>they're probably all that's left.
>There won't be a 2003 S4 in this country, in fact I understand all 2002's
>were essentially 2001's that the factory built to empty the assembly lines.
>The B5 S4 disappeared from Audi's German website before the end of 2001.
>The new B6 S4's, per various rumors, may show up at one of the late fall
>European auto shows, and then start to be sold there as a 2003 model.  We're
>probably looking at late 2003 or early 2004 for a 2004 model S4 to be sold
>'91 CQ
>'01 S4

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