[BiturboS4] boost gauge recommendation

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Sun Sep 15 11:07:39 EDT 2002

 Check out http://www.tripcomp.com/faq.html, they are almost finished the development of a digital gauge which appears on the center display.


"David Bray" <brayd at rogers.com> wrote:

>I had a '93 urS4 and boost was one of the selections on the trip computer
>(same place where you see "distance to empty", "average fuel consumption",
>"trip time", etc).
>If some "super-sleuth hacker" could find a mod to do this on our ttS4
>computers, that would be great!
>'01 S4 - still stock  :-(
>(and wife says no mods till she gets a deck)
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>> (yes, the
>> only Audi of memory to include a boost guage was the
>> ur-quattro).
>> Matt Rooke
>> '91cq- will replace voltmeter with boost guage once
>> turbo motor conversion is complete
>> '00S4- no boost guage
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