[BiturboS4] RE: Rattling heat shield - who had it ? who've paid the repair ?

Thomas J. Noto tnoto at comcast.net
Sun Sep 15 23:07:49 EDT 2002

I had the rattling heatshield on my 2000 S4. It cropped up around 28,000
miles, when the car was approximately 22 moths old. It was paid for by Audi
under the U.S. warranty. The work was performed by DCH Audi in Maplewood NJ,
USA. They did a great job.


David Wrote:

>Our old friend the Rattling Heat Shield strikes back!
>I was hearing a strange noise these days, took the car to my Audi workshop,
>and the winner is... Exhaust Heat Shield!
>The guy from the workshop had a very sad face when he told me : "that's a
>hours job. We would have to remove the engine".
>I remember some messages about this, and I think some guys manage to have
>Audi pay for it, since it's a common manufacturing defect of the S4.
>The workshop guy told me that he would be very surprised to see Audi Spain
>paying for this repair. But I'm prepared to fight !
>That's why I need your testimonies, guys.
>Who had this problem ?
>How did you solve it ?
>who paid for it ?

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