[BiturboS4] boost gauge recommendation

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Sep 17 01:22:28 EDT 2002

California Fields writes:
> I was just browsing the AudiWorld S4 forum and saw a recent post about the new
> Stratmosphere boost gauge.  It's an LED that's built into the tach panel.
> Pretty cool.  Check out the link:
> http://www.stratmosphere.com/oct_s4_boostgauge1.htm[1]

Looks very nice.  I wonder how fast/accurate this is?  I wish they hadn't
replaced the nice S4 emblem on the gauge face with their own (IMHO ugly)
logo, though.  Also, I wonder if the green color LEDs would clash with
everything else which glow red.

It definitely is the nicest looking boost gauge solution I've seen so far,
assuming that it actually works well.  I wonder whether installing this
would have warranty implications since it requires hacking into the
instrument cluster.

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