[BiturboS4] Boost? Useless? What?

Dan Bertram DBertram at McLoughlinPromotions.Com
Tue Sep 17 17:06:01 EDT 2002


Please tell us that you made a mistake when you were reading this post, and
instead of re-reading you started typing instead.  What was said was that in
the LOCATION where it was mounted, it was not useful for using while
driving, especially when driving hard/fast (i.e. under boost).  "Useless FOR
checking boost", not "useless TO check boost".

Monitoring boost is an excellent idea.  Another good idea is to put your
gauge, whichever one you may choose, in a good, visible location that
doesn't require you to take your eyes off the road to any great extent.  I'm
assuming that's why the a-pillar location is so popular?

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>However I would caution those who don't have a boost gauge away from this
>idea, unless you only want the gauge for diagnostics. Yes this solution is
>great for not damaging the appearance of your interior, but it's useless
>checking boost whilst driving, especially when using full boost!

Why is it "useless for checking boost whilst driving, especially when using
full boost! "??????

Is this your opinion, or is there some fact that prohibits monitoring full
boost using this type of boost gauge under driving conditions ???

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