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This has been covered a bunch of times. Scott Stiles just went into a bunch
of detail here. Just buy NeuSpeed/Bilstein shocks, mount at any height you
want with stock springs(-1/2" to +1/2" or so) and you're all set. At least,
all of your stated objectives have been met. If you think you'll feel better
by paying more, buy a coilover setup even though all of your objectives have
already been met. My local tuner has installed lots of Stasis setups if you
want to talk to experts. It is Matrix Engineering at 503-443-1141 (Portland,

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> Does anyone have any experience with the STASIS setup on the S4? I've
heard a
> bit of talk about it on the AudiWorld newsgroups as a way to go if you
want to
> maintain stock ride height. I'm curious to see how this setup compares to
> either (a) H&R springs with Bilsteins shocks or (b) the H&R coilover
> I'm looking for something the eliminates the dive/squat during
> and braking, tightens the car around turns, but isn't much stiffer and
> go much lower than stock.  Is that possible? :)
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