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Adam Schwartz adamschwartz at rcn.com
Wed Sep 18 01:46:51 EDT 2002

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Well, I am certainly more used to it than I was. I have done just
about 2 gas tank fulls, so just over 500 miles mixed city/highway

My impression of my APR chip is that it certainly gives me a much
better ride! Its fun. And the power is impressive. Off the line is
definitely faster, but I think the most noticeable improvement is
more around 30 mph up. Its a little hard to say for sure. The power
is so smooth that you dont always notice how fast you are going, and
that you are accelerating as much as you are. I use the cars
vanishing behind me as a good cue. My friend Tim has a Jetta VR6.
Before my chip, he could *almost* keep up with me. Mind you, he was
chipped.... I was faster off the line, and he could sorta keep up on
the freeway... He couldnt pass! I have a ton more power now..  And
its easy for me to just fly away. With him pushing his Jetta 100% he
has NO chance..... All this within the legal posted speed... Of
course. :-)

I have done no other mods, so I expect to have problems with my TBB
and maybe the DV.

With the APR chip, the car idles properly. Its never rough idle. No
engine codes have popped up. Gas mileage seems a little worse than
before, but that is mostly because its so much more fun to step on
the gas! I have noticed a little bit of inconsistent boost. Or
rather, it might be that I am yet to learn all the intricacies of the
new system.. For the most part it seems to give me consistent, and
good boost. But once, I came around a traffic circle, around 30 mph,
3000 rpm. I didnt think I was stepping on the gas too hard...
WOWZERS! I almost scared myself... And almost drove through the car
in front of me. I was shocked. But I admit this incident very well
may have been just me not yet being used to the new performance.

This thing is great. Its almost as much fun as my 350hp 911 turbo!

Next I am thinking exhaust. I want a little more sound.

waiting for all the chip test results. I am eager to see what comes
out on top. But the EMCS in the APR is why I got the APR. Otherwise I
probably would have gone with GIAC.



>Anymore feedback on your new APR chip? How's it running? Have you
>experience the often-mentioned "problem" of inconsistent pulls
>through the gears? (i.e. power is different at different times
>although conditions are the same?).  I heard that the APR chip had
>problems with smoothness...just wanting to check with you to see if
>that's true.
>Is it a night and day difference in power feel from stock? :))))
>Carter Fields - San Francisco
>'01 santorin blue
>stock (not for long!)
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>  >To: "California Fields"
>  >Subject: Re: [BiturboS4] chip poll
>  >Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 16:58:29 -0400
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>  >I just got an APR tuned for 93 gas. Its pretty sweet. I just
>installed it on Sunday, so I havent tested it all that much. I got
>the ECU used, it has the 93 and the 100 program in it. I want to
>swap the 100 for the stock program. That is one thing I like about
>the APR. Being able to swap the config without swapping the ECU.
>Guess it could make it easier to diagnose real problems. Also would
>want to leave it as stock for going into the shop.
>  >
>  >I was testing my low end Torque today.. Was in 6th at 80. Slowed
>down at an interchange to another high way. Slowed down to under
>10Mph, but left it in 6th. It pulled right back up to 70. I was a
>bit impressed.... Maybe I am dumb. It probably wasnt great for my
>clutch, but I was curious.
>  >
>  >The chip seems pretty cool.
>  >
>  >-Adam
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>  > > From: "California Fields"
>  > > Date: 2002/09/10 Tue PM 04:40:07 EDT
>  > > To: biturbos4 at audifans.com
>  > > Subject: [BiturboS4] chip poll
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>  > > I'm curious to see what chips you guys are running. Let's take a poll...
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>  > > I'm running stock but leaning towards an APR, with GIAC in second place.
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>  > > stock (not for long!)
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