[BiturboS4] New 2003 S4 Has Finally Arrived - I Will Stick With My Y2K BiTurbo! - Check Out The Links

jysap at cs.com jysap at cs.com
Wed Sep 18 03:40:35 EDT 2002

Well, the speculation is over - the new (V8) S4 has finally arrived.
It will debut at the Paris Auto Show. They say that pricing will be around $48k (USD).

HP will be around 334 (US) and torque at 302 lbs(US). Since I am a turbo-holic, I will keep my Y2K BiTurbo - I can obtain similar specs (HP & Torque) with a chip, exhaust upgrade.

Given the new S4 pricing and power plant - I would probably buy an M3 - if I had to chose between two normally aspirated engines with a minimal difference in retail pricing.

I think BMW will up the ante when they debut their 8 cyl M3. I am sure it will have higher nbrs than the new (8 cyl) S4. I am not interested in the new S4.

Here are the links that have all the info.




00 Audi S4 (stock - mods soon)
86 Porsche 951 (was stock - many mods)

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