[BiturboS4] RS4 Intercoolers!

Perry Eyges perryeyges at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 18 11:37:18 EDT 2002

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Yesterday I picked up my S4 Avant at 2Bennett Audimotive in Davis, CA. They=
 had been installing RS4 intercoolers over the past week. It was a tough fi=
t (a little cutting here and there), but a very sweet install in the end. T=
he car seems to accelerate smoother and with slightly increased power throu=
gh the range. The RS4 intercoolers were fairly inexpensive(under 1,000.00 f=
or the pair) and look to be much more efficient units with cast aluminum en=
d tanks as well as approx 30% more exchange surface.

 Mods currently include MTM stage1, Pre-cat back(BIG)exhaust, APR "Y" pipe,=
 bailey bypass valves, Shift kit, coil overs, fully adjustable suspension l=
inks as well as rear anti sway bar.

 I also have a set of hoosiers for track events!!!

 I went up against a 2002 M3 at my last track event and lets just say the M=
3 guy was a bit stunned as my WAGON not only pulled his car pretty badly in=
 the straight but was all over him so badly in the twisties the he was blac=
k flagged so I could pass!!!

 The bi-turbo S4 is THE best Audi out there and will continue to be so(4.2L=
? 2004)

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