[BiturboS4] RS4 Intercoolers!

Eric Fletcher S.O.C. steadi at attbi.com
Wed Sep 18 20:47:07 EDT 2002

On 9/18/02 10:37 AM, "Perry Eyges" <perryeyges at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Yesterday I picked up my S4 Avant at 2Bennett Audimotive in Davis, CA. They
> had been installing RS4 intercoolers over the past week. It was a tough fit (a
> little cutting here and there), but a very sweet install in the end. The car
> seems to accelerate smoother and with slightly increased power through the
> range. The RS4 intercoolers were fairly inexpensive(under 1,000.00 for the
> pair) and look to be much more efficient units with cast aluminum end tanks as
> well as approx 30% more exchange surface.

RS4 intercoolers can be nice depending on the use of the car and the mods
that it has bolted onto it.

The RS4 intercoolers are designed to work at road speeds of over 50mph, so
if you do lot's of commuting your actually hurting your performance, and if
they heat soak the take a longer time to return to cool than a S4 IC.

The RS4 unit does have the advantage though of having a lower pressure drop
(.5psi drop at 18psi boost vs 1.95lbs drop)

Achtuning sells the RS4 intercoolers and the Intercooler Shrouds (Must have
or you loose  TONS of efficiency) for $850

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