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For anybody still following along, here's some new info re: the Neuspeed
The shocks I bought from neuspeed about 9mos ago (and just got around to
installing) appear to actually be A4 2.8q "sport" bilsteins, with revalved
front shocks. Part numbers:
F:"B.2081S4" with "F4 B36 2081 M0" visible under a sticker on the box
R:"BE3 2669 M1"
The numbers above (the F number under the sticker) match Bilstein's numbers
for the old body A42.8q.

After a bit of digging on AW, and Neuspeed's site, it appears that there is
now a "real" Bilstein sport shock for the S4, which Neuspeed is now grooving
(front). Numbers are:
F:"BE3 6213 H0"
R:"BE3 6214 HO"

If you're in the market for Bilsteins, I'd specify the above part number &
ensure they don't sell you the old units. I'm going to be on the phone
w/them tomorrow to see if I can swap the set out somehow. If that doesn't
work, I'm going to see if Bilstein can revalve my current shocks to match
the new ones.

After driving a bunch of miles on the setup, the fronts are feeling pretty
under-damped, especially on rebound, while the rears feel fine. This led me
to do a bit more research, and there you have it.

'02S4Avant w/A4 shocks

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>This has been covered a bunch of times. Scott Stiles just went into a bunch
>of detail here. Just buy NeuSpeed/Bilstein shocks, mount at any height you
>want with stock springs(-1/2" to +1/2" or so) and you're all set. At least,
>all of your stated objectives have been met. If you think you'll feel
>by paying more, buy a coilover setup even though all of your objectives
>already been met. My local tuner has installed lots of Stasis setups if you
>want to talk to experts. It is Matrix Engineering at 503-443-1141
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> > Does anyone have any experience with the STASIS setup on the S4? I've
>heard a
> > bit of talk about it on the AudiWorld newsgroups as a way to go if you
>want to
> > maintain stock ride height. I'm curious to see how this setup compares
> > either (a) H&R springs with Bilsteins shocks or (b) the H&R coilover
> > I'm looking for something the eliminates the dive/squat during
> > and braking, tightens the car around turns, but isn't much stiffer and
> > go much lower than stock.  Is that possible? :)
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