[BiturboS4] RS4 Intercoolers! - Is There a True HP (and Torque) Gain By Installing Them??

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Thu Sep 19 14:00:02 EDT 2002

Hi Guys,

Is there a true HP gain to be achieved by replacing stock S4 Intercoolers with RS4 Intercoolers w\o upgrading the turbos?

If so, I would assume that one would gain even MORE HP by chipping a stock S4 and upgrading the Intercoolers, at the same time.

I am just trying to figure the biggest BANG for the $$$$$

I figure by upgrading the stock S4 chip and intercoolers - u r spending around $1600 (USD) for parts plus labor. What kind of HP (and Torque)gains should I expect for that price? I know that a chip (alone) will improve that SEAT of PANTS feeling and reduce turbo lag (somewhat).

I am just wondering if my $$$$ would be better spent by purchasing a chip and upgrading the stock exhaust instead of upgrading the Intercoolers.

comments, thoughts.........


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"Eric Fletcher S.O.C." <steadi at attbi.com> wrote:

>On 9/18/02 10:37 AM, "Perry Eyges" <perryeyges at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Yesterday I picked up my S4 Avant at 2Bennett Audimotive in Davis, CA. They
>> had been installing RS4 intercoolers over the past week. It was a tough fit (a
>> little cutting here and there), but a very sweet install in the end. The car
>> seems to accelerate smoother and with slightly increased power through the
>> range. The RS4 intercoolers were fairly inexpensive(under 1,000.00 for the
>> pair) and look to be much more efficient units with cast aluminum end tanks as
>> well as approx 30% more exchange surface.
>RS4 intercoolers can be nice depending on the use of the car and the mods
>that it has bolted onto it.
>The RS4 intercoolers are designed to work at road speeds of over 50mph, so
>if you do lot's of commuting your actually hurting your performance, and if
>they heat soak the take a longer time to return to cool than a S4 IC.
>The RS4 unit does have the advantage though of having a lower pressure drop
>(.5psi drop at 18psi boost vs 1.95lbs drop)
>Achtuning sells the RS4 intercoolers and the Intercooler Shrouds (Must have
>or you loose  TONS of efficiency) for $850
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