[BiturboS4] audio upgrades

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 24 15:08:34 EDT 2002

I've had two or three replaced so far. And I don't listen to music that loud
(or maybe I'm deaf). I've heard a lot of people with speaker problems.

To add to Rob's input, there is a way to turn off the Bose acustic settings.
I'm not sure if that would make a difference, but I wouldn't replace just one
speaker anyway (unless it were the exact same speaker).

--- Robert Cheng <rcheng at mindspring.com> wrote:
> At 09:57 AM 09/24/2002 -0700, California Fields wrote:
> >[ Converted text/html to text/plain ]
> >Has anyone upgraded their audio components in the S4?  I have the Bose
> system
> >and I think I blew one of the rear deck speakers.  I went to Crutchfield and
> >they don't have an S4 listing...but they do have an A4 listing.  Anyone know
> >the specs for our Bose system?  I'm led to believe we have 2 rear deck 6.75"
> >woofers, 2 rear door 4" midranges, 2 front door 4" midranges, and 2 front
> door
> >tweeters.  Is that right? Does the Bose system have the crossovers built in
> >the system?
> The speaker complement in the S4 is: Tweeters and 4" in the front door, ~6"
> in the rear doors, and two 6.5" subs in the rear deck.  The system has
> active crossovers built-in to the Bose amplifier, which happens to be a
> 5-channel amp (4 corners and mono sub).  The Bose amplifier also contains
> equalization for the particular Bose drivers and car.  It's this EQ that
> makes simply dropping in new speakers or a new amplifier sound bad.  To
> upgrade you should upgrade both the speakers and amp.
> MB Quart makes an adapter for the A4/S4 that allows you to mount a 5 1/4"
> driver in the front door.  They also make an adapter for the rear to adapt
> the square hole to a round 6.5"
> Rob
> '00 S4

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