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Wed Sep 25 10:50:58 EDT 2002

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You cant go wrong with the RS4 turbo upgrade...... Go for it!
 jysap at cs.com wrote:Hi Walter,

I don't want to start a flame but what are u trying to say with the followi=
ng statement?

>As we all knew, many of the blown turbos were on chipped cars (though some=
 weren't). Big bummer, me says.

That those who chip their cars should?

A: upgrade their turbos as well, or
B: run their chipped cars at lower boost levels, or
C: not chip their cars at all (that takes the fun out of things for me)

I run no higher than 12-13 psi of boost on my chipped Porsche 951 (944 Turb=
o) and that seems to be fine (according to the Porsche gurus on the Net) be=
cause the stress on stock components is not as great as it would be at high=
er levels (15+ psi).

Since my 951 has only been chipped for the last 8 months (with ltd use beca=
use the S4 is my daily driver), one could make the arguement that it's only=
 a matter of time that the higher boost will adversely affect my (BIG) 4 cy=
l Porsche engine. Please note that I had 120k mi on my 951 before chipping =
the car (I am the 2nd owner - car had 80k mi when I purchased it 1996)and i=
t still has the original stock turbo from 1986. I will keep my finger cross=

BTW, I still plan on chipping my S4 after I hit 50k mi (currently @ 45k mi)=
 mark for obvious warranty reasons. If I need to upgrade the turbos (on the=
 S4)for reliabilty, I will consider that.


00 S4 - Imola Yellow
86 951 - Stone Gray (recently updated with Porsche 993 body parts + perform=
ance mods)

"Walter J Green Jr" wrote:

>>I recently bought out the lease on my 00 S4, and now I am glad that I did.
>>The biturbo S4 will soon become a limited production run (2000-2002) and
>>its value should remain the same or possibly increase due to limited
>>Just wanted to pass this tidbit along.
>agreed on the rarity and value assesment.
>it was long rumoured on AW that the 2.7 bi-T was being phased out due to
>excessive warranty claims in the US for hosed turbos.
>As we all knew, many of the blown turbos were on chipped cars (though some
>weren't). Big bummer, me says.
>alotta fraud was going on, with owners swapping back stock ECUs before goi=
>in with chip induced break downs and problems. not cool, IMO.
>we reaped what we sowed.  :(
>'01 S4
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