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Ian, while most people's best guess would be that a V6 (let alone turbo V6)
would not fit in an Audi TT, don't be so quick to conclude as such.  Check out
HPA motorsports at www.hpamotorsports.com[1].  They have shoehorned the new 24-valve
VR6 (found in the new Jetta and GTI) into an Audi TT with either a SINGLE or
TWIN turbo attached to it!!  No joke.

Anything can be done if you put your mind (and $$$) to it :)  I was going to
make my Mk4 GTI VR6 a twin turbo unit but I decided to get the S4 instead ;)

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>On Sep 25, 2002 jysap at cs.com wrote:
> > He also mentioned that the 2.7TT is NOT planned for the Audi TT, to the
> > best of his knowledge (for what its worth).
>I doubt it would fit. The TT is built on a FWD Golf chassis, and uses
>a transverse mount engine. Even if you could shoehorn the V6 in there
>it seems unlikely that the stock transaxle would mate up to it.
>Turbo engines are definitely harder to make emissions clean that
>naturally aspirated ones, so don't discount the environmental reasons.
>It might be that Audi can get away with bringing a few over (maybe with
>very expensive emissions controls?) but can't justify it across the
>model range.
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