[BiturboS4] Has Audi Recognized the Oil Line Problem in Pre-2001.5 S4s As A Warranty Issue??

Perry Eyges perryeyges at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 25 18:41:23 EDT 2002

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what is the cutoff date on the upgraded oil lines??
Perry__________  01 S4 Avant
 jysap at cs.com wrote:To The Group,

I have been re-miss and have NOT brought this up with my local Audi Service=
 Dept. I plan on doing so, and want to know if others with pre 2001.5 S4s (=
mine is a Nov 1999 build - no major problems so far - my fingers are crosse=
d) have requested upgraded oil lines, or do u have to BLOW a Turbo first ??=


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